From our long experience and ability to innovate, Westplast have become a preferred manufacturer
and supplier of work boats.
The ability to develop and adapt our products to customers need and requirement, are some of the things we are known for.
Quality and functionality are our highest priority. 
Westplast is located in the middle of one of the world's most important maritime clusters.
We have most of our suppliers no longer then a 30 minutes away. This represents a great advantage for our customers.
Our After Sales & Service department makes sure that you are well taken care of even after delivery of your workboat,
and will provide you with the best service and spare parts needed to maintain the highest standard.
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In 2013 Westplast presented the WP960. The new generation of WP workboats.
In 2017 two boats of our newest model WP780SW_single propeller were delivered to customer in China.
WP960 at sea (follow link)